Advance released on Xbox Live Indie Games

So I know I said we were moving away from XNA, and we are, but I needed a break from Railgun Express for a little bit and so I fairly quickly hacked together a small board game style game and released it onto XBLIG.  It’s called Advance, and it’s in the style of Go or Pente.  You place pieces on a grid to assert control over a small area, and your opponents do the same.  The point of the game is to try and control as much of the board as you can when all squares on the board have been filled.  I’m not going to lie: this is not a ground breaking game.  This is not an amazing game (salesmanship in action folks). But I think there are at least some out there who will find this game interesting, fun, and challenging, and that is who the game is…

Converting to Unity

So in case you guys missed the memo (entirely possible unless you closely follow the Xbox Live Indie Game scene) Microsoft has announced they are sunsetting XNA.  They will accept game submissions for the next 10 or so months, and then after that they will leave the service on for another year before turning it off. We’ve invested a lot of time and energy into creating this game in XNA specifically so we could release on the XBLIG platform.  The reasons for this choice were twofold.  First, it’s just satisfying to have a game on a console, as that’s what many of us grew up playing.  Second, by releasing on a console you are guaranteed the user has a twin stick game pad, so you can code and design for that input scheme. However, with the sunset of XNA upon us, we realize we need to move to another platform.  MonoGame…

I think I can I think I can

So we haven’t posted much lately, but rest assured we are still hard at work on Railgun Express.  We’ve been to several events and conventions in the past year, such as the Lexington Comic Con and the Chomp the Bit event at Zanzabar (I know it’s spelled wrong, but that’s the way they spell it, m’kay?) in Louisville.  While these are great fun, we’ve decided that for now we need to focus less on public facing events and focus more on actually getting the game done. Part of the delay is we’ve had some transitions in our workflow and game engine.  We’d ditched the custom level editor I wrote and have instead opted to use the lovely Tiled level editor.  Some of you may know it from the excellent game Shovel Knight, as well as others.  We are still focusing on using the XNA game engine so that we can…

Just an update

So no really exiting news or anything to report, but I feel I should update at least once a month on here, which means I’m way overdue.  May was a pretty busy month for the All Messed Up Games team in our other lives (you know, the ones where we have paying jobs and bills) so it was also pretty slow in terms of getting work done on the game, because bills.  And also vacations. However the end of May and the beginning of June have seen things kick back up.  First, some bad news.  The 3D lighting is likely going away and is being replaced with a simpler 2D lighting approach.  This is being done because the difference between the 3D and 2D lighting effects will likely be pretty minor (we’re not yet done implementing the 2D approach, so we’ll see), and also because the cost of the 3D…

PAX Recap

So PAX East was, as always, amazing. I want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by the RunJumpDev booth and gave the games there a try. Everyone in our group has been working very hard the past few months to get everything ready for the show, and it was extremely gratifying to see people playing and enjoying our game. We got lots of great feedback, met a ton of really cool people, and learned many important lessons we will carry with us to future conventions. In true postmortem form I will elaborate on those now. What Went right: The booth design was great.  Relatively easy to transport, assemble, and disassemble, so long as you have the architect who designed it around (thanks Shylo!).  It looked very professional. The demo level we had prepared was a good length.  It gave people a good taste for the game,…

Do the PAX Shuffle

So we’re departing for PAX East in a mere two days. EEEEP! The PAX build of the game is ready, and by ready I mean we’re not messing with it any more. This might involve zip ties, me, and a chair to keep me from trying to cram in more changes. Maybe. To distract myself from the code I’m trying to get other last minute stuff together: press kit (check out the shiny new press link on the top banner), posting on the Dev Blag, helping assemble/disassemble/pack the RunJumpDev booth, and then realizing I still have a dozen other things to do between now and then. But it will all work out. See you guys in Boston! And a side note: Go Cats! Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Bring on the PAX!

With two weeks to go until PAX we’re in full crunch mode. Features have been added (and removed) based on feedback from Comic Con, more content is being added, and hair is turning grey. I wanted to put a build of the game up for play test on XBLIG, but we hadn’t done an Xbox build of the game in a long time, and when I finally tested it out on the Xbox the frame rate had dropped dramatically. We’re sorting it out, but I think that means we’re not likely to have an Xbox build out there anytime too soon as we’re more focused on adding content for PAX. Content Added: Checkpoint system – No longer do you have to start all the way at the beginning of the level upon death! You can now resume from the last checkpoint you hit. Health indicator – Pretty self explanatory. There…

Comic Con Post Mortem

So the Lexington Comic and Toy Expo was pretty great. Lots of people got the try Railgun Expresss, along with many of the other cool games made by RunJumpDev members. Unfortunately the build version I was working with had some bugs in it from where I was trying to introduce new features last minute before the con. You’d think I would have learned from Phil Fish after watching Indie Game: The Movie, but noooo. However it was still very successful and I got lots of great feedback from players. I plan on making improvements based on this feedback before PAX so that the version we have there is stable and awesome. I also plan on buying better shoes. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Lexington Comic Con

We will be showing Railgun Expess at the Lexington Comic and Toy Fair (aka Lexington Comic Con) as part of the RunJumpDev/Super Soul booth Saturday 3/15 from 3-6 PM and Sunday 3/16 from noon-3 PM. If you’re in the 859 stop by, say hi, try the game, and give us feedback. Also be sure to stop by the same booth at other times to see some of the other games created here in Lexington by the other members of RunJumpDev. Some pretty exciting stuff! Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

And we’re back!

Sorry for the long downtime.  Getting the site updated ended up taking a little longer than expected, and really probably wasn’t worth the effort to begin with.  Ah well, you live and learn.  Details of what we’ve been up to after the jump. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn