Advance released on Xbox Live Indie Games

So I know I said we were moving away from XNA, and we are, but I needed a break from Railgun Express for a little bit and so I fairly quickly hacked together a small board game style game and released it onto XBLIG.  It’s called Advance, and it’s in the style of Go or Pente.  You place pieces on a grid to assert control over a small area, and your opponents do the same.  The point of the game is to try and control as much of the board as you can when all squares on the board have been filled.  I’m not going to lie: this is not a ground breaking game.  This is not an amazing game (salesmanship in action folks). But I think there are at least some out there who will find this game interesting, fun, and challenging, and that is who the game is for.

So check out Advance on XBLIG.  It’s only $1, and that money will be used to buy beer to support the mental health of those continuing to slave away on Railgun Express.

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