I think I can I think I can

So we haven’t posted much lately, but rest assured we are still hard at work on Railgun Express.  We’ve been to several events and conventions in the past year, such as the Lexington Comic Con and the Chomp the Bit event at Zanzabar (I know it’s spelled wrong, but that’s the way they spell it, m’kay?) in Louisville.  While these are great fun, we’ve decided that for now we need to focus less on public facing events and focus more on actually getting the game done.

Part of the delay is we’ve had some transitions in our workflow and game engine.  We’d ditched the custom level editor I wrote and have instead opted to use the lovely Tiled level editor.  Some of you may know it from the excellent game Shovel Knight, as well as others.  We are still focusing on using the XNA game engine so that we can release on Xbox Live Indie games, but we’ve also been exploring converting the project to MonoGame or Unity to make Linux and Mac releases a possibility.  I know many developers have had great success with this, but we’ve hit some snags with some minor differences in the frameworks that for now are show stoppers.  Once we get closer to launch however we will re-visit Mono and see if they’ve fixed the issue we’re having, and until then focus on the XBLIG and PC releases.

Thanks to everyone who’s been following the project and coming out to our events!  We’ll try to do a better job of keeping everyone posted on progress.


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