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So no really exiting news or anything to report, but I feel I should update at least once a month on here, which means I’m way overdue.  May was a pretty busy month for the All Messed Up Games team in our other lives (you know, the ones where we have paying jobs and bills) so it was also pretty slow in terms of getting work done on the game, because bills.  And also vacations.

However the end of May and the beginning of June have seen things kick back up.  First, some bad news.  The 3D lighting is likely going away and is being replaced with a simpler 2D lighting approach.  This is being done because the difference between the 3D and 2D lighting effects will likely be pretty minor (we’re not yet done implementing the 2D approach, so we’ll see), and also because the cost of the 3D effects was pretty high.  Basically what it comes down to is we’re shooting for a solid 60 frames per second on the Xbox, and between the lighting effect and the effect for the gravity gun we were having some GPU bottlenecks, and we really wanted to keep the gravity gun. We’re also working on some other Xbox performance optimizations, so if that ends up going better than expected the 3D lighting may return, but for now it’s out.

Also of note is work on level 2 has begun.  You may be thinking “You’ve been working on this game for something like 2 years now and you’re JUST NOW starting level 2?”.  Well, yes.  Most of what has been done up to this point is working on the game engine and editor and getting level one totally finished.  Now that we’re pretty much there we can focus less on the engine and more on the levels, so we expect level development to go much faster than level one (and boy do I hope so, otherwise this game will take 10 years to develop, and by that time I’m pretty sure the 360 will no longer be supported).  I think the lesson going forward though is in the future we’ll be using an off the shelf game engine like Unity.

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