Bring on the PAX!

With two weeks to go until PAX we’re in full crunch mode. Features have been added (and removed) based on feedback from Comic Con, more content is being added, and hair is turning grey. I wanted to put a build of the game up for play test on XBLIG, but we hadn’t done an Xbox build of the game in a long time, and when I finally tested it out on the Xbox the frame rate had dropped dramatically. We’re sorting it out, but I think that means we’re not likely to have an Xbox build out there anytime too soon as we’re more focused on adding content for PAX.

Content Added:
Checkpoint system – No longer do you have to start all the way at the beginning of the level upon death! You can now resume from the last checkpoint you hit.
Health indicator – Pretty self explanatory. There are health pips that go away when hit, and come back when healed.
Healing – Yeah, I wondered if you caught that. You can now heal yourself, but you can’t fire while doing it.

Content Removed:
S.W.O.R.D. – The sword was removed, though before doing so I came up with the spoofy acronym for it: Switchblade With Orthogonal Redirection Deflector. Too bad it’s getting axed (no, we’re not adding an axe to the train. That would be ridiculous.)

We’re also looking at adding another enemy and a mini-boss to level 1, but alas those will not be done before PAX. We also have some other ideas in the works that are pretty exciting, so stay tuned!

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