Welcome to All Messed Up Games! We are an independent game studio based out of Lexington, Kentucky, though our team of developers and artists reach far and wide.  The goal of All Messed Up Games is to provide fun, unique play experiences for whatever platform our games are released on.  Maybe our games aren’t giant.  Maybe our games aren’t smash hits.  But maybe, just maybe, they’re exactly what you’ve been looking for without ever knowing it.

We’re also a proud member of RunJumpDev, an indie dev consortium in Lexington focused on growing the game dev community here in the heart of the bluegrass state.  Be sure to check out the events going on at www.runjumpdev.org to see what shenanigans the group is up to and places we might be popping up soon.

Our current focus is an Xbox Live Indie Games / PC game called Railgun Express.  Check it out in our games section.